Greek. The show, not the culture.

The scenarios are fairly constricted and mostly predictable. The drama is contrived and slightly embarrassing. It mostly runs along the following:

Girl(s) and/or boys(s) are together.

Sorority or fraternity drama which makes fighting ensue, either sanctioned campus competition or unsanctioned shenanigans!!!

Optional: Switch partners, probably because of drama.

Have a party. Probably themed. Something happens. Cycle begins again.

To be honest? I am completely addicted. I'm going to blame it on the total lack of a Greek system here in the wintry tundra that is Upstate New York.

Now that I think about it, the horrible Greek life here is kind of surprising, considering how most of the college activities seem to be centered around beer anyway. It's hard to have any serious outdoor activities (including traveling more than a couple blocks) when it is snowing feet at a time.