And this is why we can't have nice things.

There is a plastic doohicky in my bathtub that keeps falling down, spilling soap and shampoo everywhere. Boyfriend keeps trying to fix it, which keeps not working, so the cycle keeps going. He got a little upset about it the other day, so because I am an awesome girlfriend, I tried to make him feel better about it.

Apparently, insisting that it is actually the fault of Ninja-cat, and not Boyfriend's fault at all, is not that effective. Boyfriend does not believe that Booger jumped six feet in the air so that the shelf would be knocked down. I insisted that it was not at all the fault of his faulty plastic shelf installing abilities, which seem to keep placing the suction cups on the grout instead of the tiles, but is most definitely the fault of my rather obese cat.

I am such a good girlfriend.

Writer's Block.

Apparently, I have it.