I'd tell you to stop Facebook marketing to me, but then I'd have to find something else to entertain myself at work

What it is about Facebook that makes people I don't know want to talk to me? Is it my beauty? My superior crossword skills? The fact that I friend 20 people I don't know about once a week because I want to get bonuses in Facebook games that I won't play again after a month of playing them 20 hours a day?

We'll never know.

hola elizabeth, me acaban de pasar esta web para saber quien mira tus fotos y muro: copialo y pegalo para entrar: quientehavisitado.com

me tengo triste, no hablo espanol
malo poco?

you visit

no pero gracias
yo estoy de trabaho

Roughly translated (Love you too, Google Translate):

Hi elizabeth, I just passed this site to see who looks at your pictures and wall: copy and paste to enter: quientehavisitado.com

I have me sad, do not speak Spanish
bad enough?

you visit

but no thanks
I'm trabaho

I would look these things up on Google Translate beforehand but that just wouldn't be as fun.

*Karino's name has been changed to protect their identity. Hint: I did not change it that much. Also, Karino is supposed to be a girl. So, do with that what you will. Also, Karino is totally awesome. It's too bad that she isn't a real person. We could have been besties.


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